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Friday, April 29, 2011

Alpacas in the Sun

We joined the Alpacas in the sun today at the Craigieburn Alpaca Farm in Shutesbury owned by Steve and Susan Rice. They graciously (the alpacas and  Susan and Steve) welcomed us as we discovered more about the alpacas.  Aren't they cute?!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Baby Chicks, Ducks, Bunnies, Turkeys and Sunshine!

I enjoyed a fabulous trip to the Diemand Egg Farm today. It was wonderful to see so many families who joined us for a chance to explore the Diemand Egg Farm. This farm is a local, family farm that is located in Wendell. We had 70 children and adults learn about how the Diemand Egg Farm is more than just eggs. Members of the family help raise turkeys, beef cattle, meat chickens, laying chickens, ducks, and other friendly creatures to keep visitors happy such as a mini-horse, mini-donkeys and goats and sheep as well. Annie, one of the farmers, gave us a tour of the farm.  The kitchen at the farm was busy with families gathering a snack after our tour....yummmm....cookies, turkey and gravy, maybe a sandwich or soup!
If you missed this trip you have a chance to get to the farm next weekend. Saturday, April 16th, from 10-11 the Diemand Farm is holding their famous, annual Egg Hunt.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

So many creative Mama's and Papa's and I am sure grandparents too!

As I explore the world of blogs and have become introduced to many people in our local community that have found blogs to communicate their creative talents, etc. I thought it would be wonderful to feature some on our CNC Blog.

If you have a blog you would like to share with our CNC Community- let me know!

To begin...check out make.do.see.be's blog at the link on the right!